SAP Immersive Experience

SAP Immersive Experience (IX) in its simplest form is an immersive theater made to demo end to end enterprise software solutions. Behind scenes there is a self-service platform to help internal users customize & create compelling demo experiences.

Immersive Experience Designer
Program & Product Design

How it Works

When a customer audience enter the room, a user/presenter directs their attention to a large touch screen table monitor in the middle of the room. The table monitor contains a 3D model of a city which users can navigate. The model city is used as a "configurable storyboard", which allows the user to show and tell complex demo narratives. Jumping between boardrooms, subways, stadiums, and whatever location you can imagine. Each location changes both the sound and 360 Video or Image wrapped around the room. After transporting into a new location demos can shown on any screen or wall in the room which allows for infinite demo possibilities.

There are now 8+ SAP IX fixed and mobile locations around the world with over 1K users and 20K+ audience members.


During my time with SAP IX, our three North America locations were responsible for training 1+ Users, hosting 20K+ enterprise attendees, and impacting 300M+ in Pipeline.

SAP Immersive Experience
SAP Immersive Experience